For the Love of Bologna Sandwiches


I’ve always, always, always, loved bologna sandwiches. Whenever a conversation comes up about bologna, I’ve noticed that the general sentiment is absolute adoration or complete disgust. There’s not really a middle ground with bologna as far as I’ve seen. But if I get into this kind of conversation, what follows is usually a stroll down memory lane of all those foods that we always loved as a kid: mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, chicken drumsticks, chicken noodle soup, etc. All those good simple foods that were just good for the soul. Read the rest of this entry


Unbelievers, Not So Anonymous


unbeliefTo be a Christian means having it all together right? Christians are those people who went through all their baggage, tied up all loose ends, conquered all addictions, vices, and bad habits, and then strutted on over to Jesus to get the badge of righteousness so God would let them in to heaven when their time arrives. Read the rest of this entry

Wherein Have We Despised Thy Name?


When we were about 10 years old it was fashionable to hate any kind of green thing that might have tried to make its way on our plates. Or if someone teased our new hairdo that we worked so long on, that person would definitely fall on the same Hate List as broccoli and green beans. Then we’d make it home and tell a sibling or even a parent about how much we hate those stinkin’ vegetables almost as much as we hateĀ that kid in math class. What’s the next thing we’d hear? Read the rest of this entry

Six Degrees of God


When I was about 14, I met Calle 13, a popular reggaeton singer from Puerto Rico in the airport on the way to NY. After taking a picture together he said, “Nice meeting you”. OMG! Calle 13 told ME it was nice to meet me! Eeep! He was even riding the same plane as me! For a whole 3 hours, we were breathing the same air! Granted, way on separate parts of the plane, but we were totally there together! Read the rest of this entry

Arise, O My Soul!


Hello Beloved!

First, thank you for stopping by to read my musings and reflections. If you’re anything like me, you’re perfectly imperfect, occasionally laughing at the wrong moment, weeping at the sight of a sweet gesture, and getting up five times to get three Oreos at a time because you know it would be ridiculous to grab fifteen all at once. Read the rest of this entry